Lodge Sir George Cathcart No. 617

Australian Prime Ministers


 Sir Edmund Barton (1849-1920) 

First Federal Prime Minister of Australia (1901-1903)

Sir Edmund Barton.jpg


Brother Edmund was a member of Australian Lodge of Harmony No.556.

this Lodge is now No.5 in the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales.

He served as Junior Deacon in 1880 

Initated:-  13th.  March  1878.

Passed:-  10th.   July      1878.

Raised:-    8th.   January  1879. 

Stamps Issued:-  Australia  1951  S.G.  241                                                                                                                                                                            1969  S.G.  446.

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Sir George Houstoun Reid (1845-1918)

Fourth Prime Minister of Australia (1904-05)

Sir John Houstoun Reid.jpg


Brother  Sir George  was  a  member  of  Lodge  Centennial  No.169,  United  Grand  Lodge  of  New  South  Wales. 

Initated:-16th.  November  1896

Passed:- 28th. April            1897

Raised:- 6th.   May             1897 

Stamps  Issued:-  Australia  1969  S.G.  No.  449.

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Sir Joseph Cook PC, GCMC. (1860-1947)

Sixth Prime Minister of Australia (1913-1914)

Sir Joseph Cook.jpg


Bro. Sir Joseph  was  a  member  of  Lodge  Independent  No.8  Lithgow  N.S.W.  

Initiated:-  12th.  February  1892. 

Raised:-    11th.  March.     1892. 

Passed:-    15th.  April.       1892. 

In  England  he  affiliated  with  the  Royal  Colonial  Institute  Lodge  No.3556  and  was  Deputy  Master  in  1925. 

He  was  appointed  Past  Senior  Grand  Deacon  of  the  United  Grand  Lodge of  England  in  1927.  

Stamps  Issued :-  Australia  1972  S.G.  No. 507.

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    Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce (1883-1967)

Eighth Prime Minister of Australia (1923-29)

Viscount Stanley Bruce.jpg


Bro. Stanley was a member of Old Melbournians Lodge No.317 Victoria Constitution.  

Initiated :-12th. June  1925.   

Passed :-  18th. September  1925. 

Raised :-  18th. December   1925. 

He was nominated by The Most Rev. H.C. Lees The Archbishop of Melbourne, 

and seconded by Warren Kerr, P.S.G.W. 

His referees were the Grand Master, His Excellency The Earl of Stradbroke, Governor of Victoria and Bro. W. Collins, whose signature for many years appeared on Australia’s banknotes. 

In London he affiliated with Australia Lodge No.6505 English Constitution.

Stamps Issued :- Australia 1972 S.G. No. 508.

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Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page (1880-1961)

Elevevth Prime Minister of Australia 1939 (for eleven days)


Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page.jpg

Bro. Earle was a member of Lodge Prince Leopold No.87. Grafton. N.S.W. 

Initiated :- December 4th. 1917.

Passed :-   January 29th.   1918. 

Raised :-   February 25th. 1918. 


Stamps Issued :- Australia  1975  S.G. 592.

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Sir Robert Gordon Menzies (1894-1978)

Twelfth Prime Minister of Australia (1939-41 and 1949-66)

Sir Robert Gordon Menzies.jpg

Bro.Sir Robert was a member of Austral Temple Lodge No.110 Victoria Constitution 

Initiated:- 10th. March   1920

Passed:-  13th. October 1920

Raised: -   9th. February 1921. 

He was presented with his 50 year jewel in his hospital bed in 1972 and passed to The Grand Lodge Above in 1978 


Stamps Issued :- Australia 1994  S.G. No. 1470.

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Arthur William Fadden (1895-1973)

Thirteenth Prime Minister of Australia 1941 (for five weeks)

Arthur William Fadden.jpg


Bro. Arthur was a member of Caledonia Lodge No.737 Scottish Constitution,                                                                                                                                now

now No. 34, United Grand Lodge of Queensland.  

Initiated: -July 20th. 1915. 

Passed: -August 24th.  1915. 

Raised: -September 21st.  1915. 

He later affiliated with Lamington Lodge No.110 in Brisbane. 

He also affiliated with Unity Lodge No.300 on 1st.  July 1920 

He was exalted into the Royal Arch degree in Kennedy Chapter No.204 in 1918 

In  1922 he became a founder member of Wattle Chapter No.42 Queensland. 

He was a member of Lodge and Chapter until his death. 

On August 5th. 1968, he received the 50 year Service Jewel from the Grand Master Most Worshipful Bro. J.A.R. Thompson 

Stamps Issued: - Australia 1975 S.G.  593                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    1994 S.G.  1471

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Sir John Grey Gorton (1911-   )

Nineteenth Prime Minister of Australia (1968-1971)

Sir John Grey Gorton.jpg

Bro. Sir John was a member of Kerang Lodge No 100 Victorian Constitution 

Initiated February 5th 1948 

Whilst serving as Prime Minister he attended an International night at

Lodge Frenchs Forest No. 927 in Sydney in 1970. 

Stamps Issued:- None to Date 

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William McMahon (1908-1988)

Twentieth Prime Minister of Australia (1971-72)


Brother William was a member of Lodge University of Sydney No. 544

(United Grand Lodge of New South Wales)

Initiated:- March 27th 1974

Stamps Issued:- None to Date.

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